Join us to see how the Liquor Industry works through articles, links and apps. Coming Soon – you can look forward to the new subscriber services.

New app coming – download discount coupons etc.


We hope to have an area for Businesses where they will be able to create a searchable Listing with us. Watch this space!

BEER – you will have a major update in product listing, all the latest labels available in the next few weeks. Kegs, cans and bottles by the slab/box or pallet!

WINE – our shelf stock will have an up to date shake up as well. You already have single bottles of wine available. Wine comes in the half dozen bottle boxes, by the dozen, in CASKS, and what we call our SHELF wine. You can also occasionally get what we call cooking wine very cheap.

SPIRITS – by the bottle, premix bottles and cans and Bar Syrups available. There are a number of excellent white and dark spirits imported from around the world available as are our favourite local spirit drinks.

Published by slygrogclub

I live and work in a warehouse located in one of Melbourne's northern industrial suburbs. Our family business requires me to wear many hats and is a 24/7 situation. My main job is creating/publishing advertising content both on and off the internet. My main hobby away from work is researching anything that interests me. I have also been a lifetime artist of sorts, self taught mostly.

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